Our fundamental biologic question is "How does the nervous system work?" We use the visual system as our model. Given that the visual system is so vast, our research encompasses a depth of topics presented at different spots throughout this website (publications, color vision circuit, circadian rhythm...). It is difficult to summarize in just one page, therefore we've decided to have this page focus on providing some of the more commonly requested information.

Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy to Cure Color Blindness

Color Vision: Almost Reason Enough to have Eyes

This is an overview of current vision research.

Color Vision: Almost Reason Enough to have Eyes

Animated Demonstration of S-cone Signals Leaving the Retina

S-Cone Signal Demonstration

Photopigment Sensitivity Curves

Click to download an Excel Spreadsheet file that contains a fit to the spectral sensitivity curves.

Spectral sensitivity curves:

Color Vision in the Dog

It is a quite common misconception that dogs see in black and white. While it is true they have deminished vision as compared to a normal human, they do have the benefit of blue/yellow color vision.

Color Vision in the Dog